Skin Cancer Foundation

Skin Cancer logo.jpgf2680235“I’ve had Skin Cancer twice and fortunately for me, I’ve been very lucky to catch it in the early stages on both occasions. Skin cancer kills more people in the US than lung and prostate cancer put together! It is a serious danger to all golfers, simply because we spend so much time out in the sun, so I urge you all, especially your children, put an effective sunscreen on every day before you go outside and protect yourselves! I am proud to represent the Skin Cancer Foundation and I am proud to be a member of team SCF.” – Brian Davis


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Arnold Palmer Children’s Hospital

ArnoldPalmerHospitalLogo1Two of Brian and Julie’s own children suffered complications both during and after their birth at the Hospital. Had it not have been for the quick thinking and highly skilled doctors and nurses, Brian and Julie’s family might look a great deal different. Every year, Brian finds a way to support the Hospital and in 2012, he donated 25% of his Arnold Palmer Invitational 4th place finish check which bought more than a few packets of sweets for the kids!

“As if Mr. Palmer hasn’t done enough for golf, lending his name to the hospital and seeing the support he has given them, makes my contribution seem like a drop in the ocean but hopefully, even if my support goes towards making one child’s life a bit better, then at least that’s something.”